Make it fruitful

New Media Agency

We are an incubator of ideas, we give lymph by seeding business innovation. We create products and services to tell new industrial springs.

We are committed with passion to make relations fruitful through forests of solutions. We cultivate with enthusiasm our creative spirit by sharing collaborations.

We believe in the authenticity of the positive values that can change the world.


Our services

We provide web communication services by focusing on the creative use of social media to develop communities and initiatives.
We design products and spaces to improve relations and create environments that facilitate the achievement of specific objectives and concrete solutions.
Education makes a difference. We offer training in social media and business development.
We started as a startup and we keep that philosophy. With excellent partners we contribute to the acceleration of new business ideas.
We develop initiatives to make the communities grow. We combine our passions to our skills in social media marketing to give lymph to new services and products.
We write and publish stories on physical and digital media, with the support of qualified and expert partners.


We are a brilliant mix of experience and lively ideas. We combine built experience in years of activity in the field of web and digital communication with our fun in the constant production of new creative ideas..

We live in the world of social media and innovation everyday as curious explorers.

Passionated by stories, businesses, entertainment, music, sports and cooking, we are united through the pleasure for relations with people and trends.

We are committed with a lifelong learning education maintaining a soul as travelers, experimenters of new opportunities.


BTREES becomes part of Réseau Entreprendre

We have been invited by the evaluation committee of Réseau Entreprendre Piedmont to become part of this wonderful network of senior entrepreneurs.

Our partnership with Biella Rugby puts down roots

Our New Media Agency Christmas present is a set of fruit trees that will be planted in the Citadelle of Rugby, the upcoming sports centre in our territory made by Biella Rugby.

When was BTREES born and where do we head up to

We’re about to tell you a beautiful story. Rooted in the Biellese Alps with our branches reaching for Italy, Europe and much further.


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