We design products and spaces to improve relations and create environments that facilitate the achievement of specific objectives and concrete solutions.


Thanks to experienced urban planners, designers and architects, we create ideal spaces and locations to facilitate relationships and experiences customized on our client’s needs.

Whether it is an office or a dedicated room, our specialized partners are ready to develop creative ideas in order to strategically make the most of every space.

Thanks to our collaboration with FabLab and makers we put into practice the Internet of Things concept, aiming to “animate” spaces and objects in accordance to your specific choices and needs.


Our skills in the design field, enriched by the digital creativity knowledge and competences, allowed us to create products while focusing on individuals and communities.

We think and develop highly customized design elements, combining high-quality and sustainable materials with creative concepts inspired by technology and art.

Our constant collaboration with makers, artists, and creative designers allows us to create unique and high-end product, while enhancing merchandising and product placement activities.


We develop and promote ideas and initiatives through online and offline actions with high communicative impact, aimed at generating an intense word of mouth and a stronger community loyalty.

Events (trade fairs, happenings, concerts, festivals, etc.) are the ideal framework for creative campaigns.


We develop logos, naming and brand identity manuals specifically tailored to your communication needs.

We carefully listen to your story and your vision, then we strategically and creatively formulate several visual and copy proposals which are suitable for your aimed goals.

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