To whom we address ourselves

We offer our service to anyone willing to tell their story in the best way possible, both online and offline, by maximising the outreach.

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Each story acquires value when it’s heard by an audience. We help you by giving more value to your it, by making it ready to be shared.

What do we do

We define a strategy regarding both content and packaging to spread your story in a way which is coherent with your objectives.

We collaborate with different and specific partners to support you in developing new forms of communication, both thanks to a strong partnership with the maker’s world and to multi-experienced editors.


A partire dai 3 mesi in su.


Online: through web communication tools.

Offline: by publishing on paper or on dedicated material.


We accompany you in giving value to your history through the following steps:
– Sharing the communication strategy.
– Planning the web communication and packaging activities.
– Preparing the shared contents for online and offline publications.
– Developing of a creative campaign (possibly crowdfunding, too).
– Organisation of possible events/initiatives aimed at the spreading of the story.
– Report of the activities done and sharing of the contacts gathered.

Write us

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