Christian Zegna tre quarti
Admin & Change Trainer
The frontman. He spreads the word of our innovative boost.
Creative Designer
The designer. He conceives new productive paths.
Carlo Robiglio tre quarti
Enterprise Advisor
The advisor. He develops our projects with experience and enthusiasm.
Lorenzo D'Amelio tre quarti
Business & Innovation Strategist
The strategist. He decides how to give lymph to the projects we cooperate with.

New Media Agency

We are an incubator of ideas, we give lymph by seeding business innovation. We create products and services to tell new industrial springs.

We are committed with passion to make relations fruitful through forests of solutions. We cultivate with enthusiasm our creative spirit by sharing collaborations.

We believe in the authenticity of the positive values that can change the world.

Filippo Bondi tre quarti
Social Media Strategist & Project Manager
The project manager. He coordinates the team and delivers high-quality results.
Davide Palermo - Operations Manager & Facebook Specialist
Operations Manager & Facebook Specialist
The mathematician. He manages our communities through the most advanced social technologies.
Giulia Casoni tre quarti
Social Media Manager & Press Officer
The PR soul. She knows everything about public relations.
Luca De Gasperin tre quarti
Web Strategist & Trainer
The rocker. He joins creativity and passion for web strategies in one soul.
Social Media Specialist
The brand lover. She pinpoints the best strategies to present brands and move people.
Visual Director
The digital artist. An art and design aficionado.
Edoardo Baraldini è il Community Manager di BTREES
Community Manager
The sportsman. He passionately manages the social network community.