Creative campaigns

To whom we address ourselves

The service is addressed to companies that want to acquire a wide visibility in a short period of time.

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The experiential approach enables us to engage, entertain and generate beautiful emotions, which help people remember who you are, what you do and the quality of your work.

What do we do

We value and promote initiatives with operations of high communicative impact, both online and offline, to generate an vibrant exchange of information and increase the loyalty of the community.

Social events (fairs, manifestations, concerts, festivals, etc.) are the ideal moments for a creative campaign.


From 2 months onwards.


Online, through the use of social networks.

Offline, through the use of creative and dedicated designs, with interactive and engaging activities for the participating audience.


We organise activities through the following steps:
– 10/15 days for the campaign preparation.;
– A month or so, of intensified activity before the date of the event, to actively engage with the community. 10/15 days after the event to maintain the interaction and analyse the campaign.
The online/offline communication is included.

We select the best methods to meet your goals:
– Live Social management: the explanation and live interaction with the event.
–  Social Oriented Design: the use of specific items and the organization of spaces as interaction tools.
–  Social Listening and Social Media Monitoring: mapping of conversations.
–  Internet of Things: the interaction with smart tools.
– Blogger and Influencer: the presentation of your story from a different viewpoint.
– Report: the analysis of your data.

We select the most appropriate social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

We utilise extra tools, like Hootsuite, Klout and many others.

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