Social Media Export Management

To whom we address ourselves

The service is directed towards companies that want a position in the international market to create new opportunities for business.


A market that’s getting quicker, more demanding and international requires companies to be visible and reachable on Social Networks (mostly the ones dedicated to B2B, like Linkedln).

Our service of Social Media Export Management is customised and finalised to your exigences and the ones of your potential customers. The use of up-to-date and smart tools, together with a team with heterogeneous and highly specialized skills, allow us to put you in contact with companies that are interested in your product or service.

What do we do

We support companies in dealing with international marketing. We offer the opportunity to meet potential customers both online and offline.

We allow the company to save time and resources with a personalised investment, without dealing with internal costs of dedicated professional figures, thanks to our commercial, linguistic and social media marketing skills.


Continuously, from year to year.


Online, through the use of Social Networks.

Offline, through specifically organized trading encounters.


We study the reality of your company with the aim at finding the most efficient strategy and reinforce the position of the company in the international market.

We essentially follow these steps:
– Online, we analyse your website and the Social Networks you use.
– Offline, we examine the history of your experiences with international marketing, together with the human resources at your disposal, and by potentially visiting your headquarters.
– We identify with you the product/service or the gamma of products/services to put under the spotlight, by conducting an analysis of the market and of the company targeted audience.
– We analyse your competitors on the market
– We strategically organise your digital channels (website, Social Networks, etc.), with images and optimised contents for the market under consideration: every culture is sensitive to different images and graphical effects. Our team will select the appropriate materials and contents.
– We find and select potential customers by using Linkedln and the Internet.
– We create blocks of strategic contacts aimed at dealing with future marketing business campaigns or as a base to widen your market autonomously.
– We get in contact with potential customers in the name of your company.
– We take care of commercial relationships through the proper language (English or Chinese).
– We organise your B2B meetings online and/or offline even in different European Countries.


Thanks to the partnership with the Export Specialist Barbara Carini and her 12-year experience with international commerce, particularly way with China, we take Italian companies to new markets and businesses, using the potential offered by digital tools.

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